A selection of projects designed in collaboration with companies, associations, and collectives.

OH! La Biodiv
The challenge of OH! La Biodiv is to offer a program of citizen actions to develop and preserve local biodiversity across municipalities in France.
Telenatura Lab
Telenatura Lab uses acoustic ecology, sound design, visual storytelling, interactive installations, and social engagement to tell stories about our future with the planet.
Insect House Workshop
This workshop centers around teaching French teenagers why insect biodiversity is important for plant health, agriculture, and food.
Zadig & Voltaire
I collaborated with a group of fashion students at Parsons Paris to design the façades for the Zadig and Voltaire flagship stores in New York and Paris for the company’s 20th anniversary celebration.
Bourdelle360 is a mobile application that potential museum visitors can use to learn about the sculptor Antoine Bourdelle and the Bourdelle Museum in order to build a virtual connection between the public works and the museum exhibits.
Les Mécanismes de Création
The student-led pop up store at Parsons Paris was opened to the public on November 24, 2016 for four days.