After visiting the Bourdelle Museum in Paris, my collaborator and I realized that while the sculptor Antoine Bourdelle has many monumental works in public spaces all around the world, there is no strong connection between them and the museum, where the secondary castings, or “twins” of these sculptures exist in full scale.

So we designed Bourdelle360, a phone application that potential visitors can use to learn about the sculptor Antoine Bourdelle and the Bourdelle Museum, building a virtual connection between the public works and the museum exhibits. This easily accessible treasure testifies to Bourdelle’s monumental genius work, bridging the crucial period between Rodin and Giacometti during which modernity was born. The application will deliver a holistic experience by offering an intimate narration of the artist’s work through 360 videos of his monuments across Paris that are navigated by a map and accompanied with music. The free Bourdelle360 application delights and educates the user whilst staying faithful to the identity of the museum.