In the age of the internet, we dream while we are wide awake — projecting our selves into digital beings that wander the web. Cyberspace becomes our digital dream world, giving us a window to a fantasy locked behind a glass screen. Creating our digital selves to exist in this phantasmagorical space has become an art form of itself. We are limited only by imagination and desires created in what psychologists call the latent mind, the unconscious part of our brains accessible during sleep. However, investing too much into our digital selves and online fantasies highlights the lack of emotional feedback necessary to create fulfilling connections.

This online work explores what happens when these digital dreamscapes become marred by the disconnection between our online dreamlike fantasies and the reality of the isolating effect created by living in a digital world.

The visitor will witness the artist experiencing emotional distress in a voyeuristic interactive video. Here the browser functions as a window to see the artist suffer, trapped in limbo between digital dreams and reality, without any way to interact and blocking any true connection.