Digital Art

A selection of digital artworks examining the relationship between humans, technology, and nature.

Breathing in Disaster: Meditation for the Anthropocene
This meditative journey explores our relationship to the air, and how our bodies and creations participate in the shared history held in the atmosphere of our earth.
Telenatura Lab
Telenatura Lab uses acoustic ecology, sound design, visual storytelling, interactive installations, and social engagement to tell stories about our future with the planet.
A Study of Scarred Landscapes
“A Device for the Study of Scarred Landscapes,” is an open source multi-layered pollution sensing device which allows the user to interact with the environment by revealing invisible information about the land.
The Zone
A text-based experience that challenges players to reconsider their environment as they explore the remains of a deserted town in the aftermath of a disaster.
The internet is a tool which facilitates an entire new set of interactions and social connections that would never be possible without it, but does it really provide the emotional feedback necessary to create fulfilling connections? is an online service directing artists Dasha Ilina and Amanda Lewis to fulfill algorithmic tasks emulating the demanding workflow that workers subjected to gig economy standards experience daily.
Nothing to Hide
This project highlights three more notable aspects of surveillance. In order to do that, three devices were created to show all of the obvious ways with which we're being tracked.
Tonal Architectures
According to Einstein, “Everything in life is Vibration.” All matter is constantly in a state of vibration, of creating sound, whether or not it is audible.
This project rejects the idea of film as a method of preserving a moment in time by destroying it with fire.